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What you need to know about MC Rabbi

Since The Gospel Lounge Night is to host MC Rabbi, we decided to dig deep into his life and get you all the information that you may require to have a clue of who Mc Rabbi is.

“Am a Christian and dat's all.
So guess what me nah apologize fi dat” is one of the phrases he likes using.

Mc Rabbi is  praise and worship leader. He can play keyboard and a guitar, he is a music minister sent for the young generation.


Artist   Name:                          MC RABBI (adi 21st century worshiper)
Birth Nmae :                           ASHFORD HINGA

He was born and raised in Gachie, Kihara, in Kiambuu County, a village known for high rate of crime and insecurity, from a family of four, two sisters and his late brother who was the last born, (who died as a result of crime. God rest his soul in peace) he Is the third born child,

Although he had a strong Christian background, for His parents were both devoted Christians-His father being a Minister of the Gospel,
At the age of 14 after clearing his primary level, he got involved in drugs, partying, and emceeing in night club, he also became a Rastafarian, a religion that’s believes that God was black.


As Rastafarian, dancehall reggae and ragga music was his favorite genre of music, for through it he learned the beliefs and fundamental pillars of the religion.
(A reggae dancehall artist by the name Sizzla was his favorite artist.)

For the love of music, while in high school he started training on how to play the guitar,
Within a short period of time he also started writing his own music, that he sung to his friends who encouraged him in doing music full time,

Although he was not able to record any song as secular artist, he managed to write two albums
While living his life as a Rastafarian,

It was on June 8 2008, in the morning. After smoking weed (marijuana), while playing the guitar singing a Christian song,
CHAKUTUMAINI SINA ILA DAMU YAKE YESU”. (Which means “I have nothing to hope in, but the blood of Jesus “) .he felt an unusualness which made him shade tears, of which he didn’t understand, for the holy spirit of God was working on him.
Right there and there he confessed his sins. And gave his life unto the Lord, but due to fear he dint tell his friends that he has found theLORD. And now he is born again.

But after few days, he decided to let it out, and confessed. That he was now born again.
This made his friends to turn away and desert him. For by being a Christian they believed one was becoming a Babylon (following the white man religion)

Although life was to take a different turn, he was glad that he was now born again.
When parents in his neighborhood heard that he was now born again. They rejoiced, saying that their children are freed from ruining their lives,
Because he was a leader of a group that used to organize secular gigs where students flooded to party and drink.

Later on he joined Anglican Church of KenyaKihara parish.
And within a short period of time he joined the praise and worship team, and got trained on how to play the keyboard,
And after two years he became the worship leader.

In 2010 he recorded his first gospel song (revelation 3:20) in kamata music school, Nairobi Kenya which never got played on the air.
Later on that year he did another single (psalms 1)in the same studio.
This got air waves on 93.3 hope fm.
A reggae show which was hosted by Justus “Justo” Owaka.

In 2011 he met with his current producer “VICKYPONDIS” from Pon dis records.

They have managed to record one album.
(NYUMBA- a kikuyu album)

He has new album, which is a combination of dancehall reggae, and ragga-hip-hop.
(21ST CENTURY WORHIP) with songs like Work out, ghetto youthoff the “seek after riddimVol2, Praise Him, My voice, Christian Daughterand many more.

For booking contact:
Cell: +254 723 235 798
Or email:

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MC Rabbi

Other Names

  • McRabbi


  • rabbiadimc

Favorite Quotes

  • John 4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.



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