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PS. Steve Levin Mukonjo embarks on his music again!!

Son to Bishop mukonji Kamwokya church of God,  PS. Steve Levin Mukonjo is not only the lead Pastor at and of Ignite life Church_Kira but he is as well a recording gospel music minister and an amazing Songwriter and Author as well that is he has written a couple of books with his latest being, "The Secrets of Abundance"

As we had a simple conversation with him yesterday this is what he told us;
   "I need to embark on my music again, give it more energy and build the brand, as I push the church brand, I as well need to push the music in the same regard, he said!!" 

PS. Steve is back at it with his latest hit single, an Afro-beat jazz piece he has just released dubbed; Anjagala a song he equates to it's being actually a true and real life story of his life and how God does love us and that he can make you and I to smile again.

Officially out and available is the "Anjagala audio' ft. Joan dush & Chiki Claudia.

Producer; Roy Kasozi



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