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Meet Benji: the man behind Fortune Spice's (Nanyini Kampala) Production.

Benji gospel singer and artiste - benji kasule

He is a producer at Trance Studios also known as Slim Beat connection. We decided to bring his part of the story of how working with Fortune Spice on a banger "Nanyini Kampala" was like.

In his own words he said "When we were doing Nanyini Kampala, we both entered studio Blank, no song No idea, but he(Fortune) only had the theme "Nanyini Kampala", so I started making beats and he could be like "No, that's Bad,  remove, that's Good,  make the kick Stronger and Danceable", while he's tossing around the room. Hehe. But everyone who heard the beat could rush to the studio and all they could say "mwe ekyo ekigoma Kikambwe!!" (That beat is massive), and we would just laugh at each other since we entered with nothing but just a theme but it turned out to be a Great Song. It's when he told me that he loves Robinsan and his voice, that’s when he decided to collaborate with him. It was amazing working with Robinsan and Fortune Spice"

About his production journey, He said

Six years ago after finishing my S.6, I started my Music Carrier working as a Music producer for Empire7 studios. The first 3years were a hustle because I was new in the business and I had alot to Learn. But God always blesses the diligent; step by step I grew in the knowledge and art of Music. In 2013, I was tired of working for people so I decided to quit my Job as a Producer at Empire7, I told God that if this is where my Purpose is in Life and Ministry, he shall provide!. Thankfully God Answered My Prayers and I got the Machines to start my own record Label (Trance Studios).

Working with Fortune Spice has been one of my Greatest moments. I remember the first day he came to studio and sung in 2012. I had never had a musician so talented with vocal skills, he could do both soft and rough tones with his voice. I was amazed, he inspired me as a Producer and artiste to grow more and more. We have worked on projects with him like Nkutwaale Eka, Nkwambale, Kulembela, Nanyini Kampala and so many more coming your way off the Testimony album.

I've worked with Gospel artists like Akili, Blox Musta, Lil Jo Swabo. Sing with Groups B.i.B ent, Harmonics Accapela

About His Music

Njigiliza audio by benji kasule slim beat connection

As an artiste, I'm a Worshipper. I do r&b/Soul music. I love doing music that draws people closer to God, music portrays my relationship with Christ and how I understand Him, I have released a single "Njigilza" in light of what's to come on the full album "God & LOVE" come 28th November 2016. It's going to be a Ground Breaking album with 12 tracks full of God, Soul, R&B, Dance and so much More...



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