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emmanuel tarsus live in kampala uganda

News have it that the California based rapper will be performing in Kampala, Uganda so i took it upon my self to introduce you to him.

Emmanuel Tarsus is an independent hip hop artist, poet and evangelist from Santa Ana, California. He travels throughout the United States bringing his message to churches, high schools, juvenile halls and any place in between!

His passion for the gospel comes through in every performance, and inspires youth and adults alike. He has released 2 mixtapes since 2011 and recently released his debut album “Behind The Music” on September 3rd. In Order to get your hands on one you need to catch him live.. or order one off the website and be on the look out when the deluxe edition arrives online! The release date will be posted soon.

In 2016 the Lord gave Emmanuel the vision for the lostNFound clothing brand. After years of praying and brain storming one night in his car it came to him.. “The lostN’Found” Being a Prodigal son, Emmanuel wanted to represent that through his music, and what he wore. Now he has the opportunity to bring that to light, communicating his vision through the music and the clothing. The lostN’Found means so much, but the core of the mission through these this brand is to seek the lost and inspire the found. Bringing the church to the world, and the world to the church. Bridging the gap. The N in lostN’Found stands for now, so when you’re wearing lNF you’re representing amazing grace. The l in the lostNFound is always lowercase because Christ is capitol and in the bible whenever the Lord is referenced, its a capitol letter, indicating that He is being talked about. So Emmanuel wanted to bring that all to light, and to life as the brand began production.
With a clear call from God, he is on a journey to create and release music that shares the good news.

He is known for songs like Hossana, Jesus saved my Life, God’s got it, its all good, its time and many more. He will also do some of his poems like finding joy and others.

He is to perform at Kawempe Worship Centre on 3rd September, then at Calvary Chapel Kampala on 9th September and the end his tour with HOP Entebbe on 10th september. These events will all be kicking off at 2pm and all at a no fee.

He will be performing in along side other Ugandan based artists like Phila, Fortune Spice, Lyrical Micheal,Javie, Mapengo, Paul Selah (the Hype man) and many more. The show is dubbed Hip-hop meets Reggae all brought to you by Calvary Chapel and God Salute powered by Spirit 96.6 fm, JC Label Ug, GMP (, Gospel Eye and Ug extra.



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