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Hip-Hop Meets Reggae 2017 shows - Date changes

hiphop meets reggae in uganda kampala

This is to bring to your attention in the changes made in the hip-hop meets reggae show. The show is
slated to happen at 3 events and these are Kawempe Worship Centre, Calvary Chapel Kampala and then
Hop Entebbe. Changes have been made slightly in the dates and its only Calvary Chapel Kampala
affected. The show was to happen at Calvary Chapel on 8 th September which is a Friday but has now
been moved to 9 th September which is a Saturday but the venue and time still remains the same. This
changes have also brought other ministers like Holy Keane and MC Rabbi on board. This makes it better
and bigger so take note of the changes and be in the right place at the right time. Selah!



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